Sleep Better, Life Better

Everyone should know that every single living creature need sleep to metabolisme their body. But how? If we can’t get a proper sleep? There’s so many articles that talk about the risk about sleepless.

Here I just give some tips to get a better Sleep to get better life.

  1. Done your task before
    That was important because when you sleep, you need to be relax so in the morning you can get fresh body and can do your work better. and the important thing is keep your healthy.
  2. Positive Think
    Like the first point, we need to relax to get a good sleep. As you get positive mind and positive thinking that everything is handled, you can sleep easily because you feel relax. If you still keep in mind about your problem, try to listen a music that can make you feel better or doing some holiday and refreshing on free time.
  3. Make your room clean and comfortable
    The point is, make yourself comfort.
  4. Do not drink any caffeine drink
    If you want to get sleep, don’t drink coffee or energizing drink before you sleep. If you should drink it, make sure you drink it 4 to 6 hours before go to bed. And better drink much water. Because water more healthy than just the caffeine.
  5. Eat fruits and vegetables
    There’s some vegetables that can be a good sleep simulator. That was called “kangkung” in Bahasa.

That was my tips. I’ll add the new edited article later and about some issues in health and Life. If there’s some wrong or questions, please feel free to contact me by email.


Thanks for reading


The Night Day

Every single day and every single night I count

He just come closer then away like the wind

Cold like an ice but hotter than the sun

Voice had haunted

And live keep a walk